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Health / Medical

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Health / Medical

South Africa is grappling with a severe shortage of veterinarians

South Africa is grappling with a severe shortage of veterinarians, affecting efforts to combat animal diseases like foot and mouth disease. The South African Veterinary Council has reported an annual exodus of around 150 veterinarians from the country. In response, deputy Higher Education minister Buti Manamela says government has launched a veterinary career guidance awareness programme aimed at schoolchildren. He says the initiative aims to raise awareness about veterinary careers […]

todayNovember 29, 2023

Health / Medical

How the Thyroid Gland Mystifies Doctors and Patients

By Oona Tempest and Andy Miller on KFF Health News (OONA TEMPEST/KFF HEALTH NEWS) (OONA TEMPEST/KFF HEALTH NEWS) (OONA TEMPEST/KFF HEALTH NEWS) (OONA TEMPEST/KFF HEALTH NEWS) (OONA TEMPEST/KFF HEALTH NEWS) (OONA TEMPEST/KFF HEALTH NEWS) (OONA TEMPEST/KFF HEALTH NEWS) This illustrated report has been adapted from a KFF Health News article, “Among Hurdles for Autoimmune Disease Patients: Diagnosis, Costs, Inattentive Care” by Andy Miller. Illustrations by Oona Tempest. Creative direction and editing by Hannah […]

todayNovember 29, 2023 9

Health / Medical

Ahead of World AIDS Day UNAIDS is calling for urgent support to Let Communities Lead in the fight to end AIDS

As World AIDS Day (1 December) approaches, UNAIDS is urging governments across the world to unleash the power of grassroots communities across the world to lead the fight to end AIDS. A new report launched today by UNAIDS, Let Communities Lead, shows that AIDS can be ended as a public health threat by 2030, but only if communities on the frontlines get the full support they need from governments and donors. […]

todayNovember 28, 2023 3

Health / Medical

Why a social media detox may not be as good for you as you think – new research

DimaBerlin/Shutterstock Niklas Ihssen, Durham University and Michael Wadsley, Durham University Whether you’re an influencer, an occasional poster, or just a lurker, you likely spend more time than you’d like on social media. Globally, working-age people with internet access now spend more than 2.5 hours per day on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook or X (Twitter). Social media use can become excessive and problematic when it interferes with school or work, […]

todayNovember 28, 2023 5

Health / Medical

How worried should we be about the pneumonia outbreak in China?

C Raina MacIntyre, UNSW Sydney; Ashley Quigley, UNSW Sydney; Haley Stone, UNSW Sydney, and Rebecca Dawson, UNSW Sydney Reports of a surge in pneumonia-like illness primarily affecting children in northern China have captured our attention. The last time we heard about a mysterious respiratory outbreak leading to overcrowding in hospitals was the beginning of the COVID pandemic, so it’s not entirely surprising this has caused some alarm. On November 22 […]

todayNovember 28, 2023 2

Health / Medical

UN Health Agency says climate crisis equals health crisis

The UN Health agency has warned of the inseparable connection between the climate crisis and a health crisis. Ahead of COP28 in Dubai, the World Health Organization argues that pollution impacting the climate negatively affects respiratory health, and extreme weather events play a role in causing different diseases. Here’s Dr. Maria Neira, WHO's Director of the Department of Public Health and Environment.

todayNovember 27, 2023 1

Health / Medical

New Zealand to repeal smoking ban for tax cuts

New Zealand’s new government has announced it will scrap the nation’s world-leading smoking ban to help fund tax cuts. According to the BBC, the change has shocked health experts. The legislation, introduced under the previous Jacinda-Ardern-led government, planned to ban cigarette sales next year to anyone born after 2008.

todayNovember 27, 2023 1