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Was Beethoven truly the greatest?

A portrait of the German composer Ludwig van Beethoven in 1818. 12/Universal Images Group via Getty Images     By Philip Ewell, Hunter College   On May 7, 1824, Ludwig van Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony premiered in Vienna, Austria. On its 200th anniversary, much was made about this seminal achievement of a composer routinely touted as the greatest master who ever lived. In an essay for The New York Times, conductor […]

todayMay 22, 2024 10

Opinion Pieces

Seek solutions by having honest and meaningful conversations with your bank

      By Josef Kefas Sheeham     Indeed, life is a journey with ups and downs, difficulties, and happy moments. We will talk about getting a bank loan as well as what to do if you find yourself in debt and your ability to make payments becomes problematic. An Overview of the Loan Application Process It is now crucial to understand the intricacies of the loan application process […]

todayMay 21, 2024 15

Opinion Pieces

Men’s mental health matters: breaking down barriers and seeking support

      In Namibia, as in many parts of the world, there's a silent struggle happening among men – a struggle with mental health. But why is it silent? Why aren't we talking about it more openly? The truth is, there are several reasons why men tend to keep their mental health struggles to themselves. For one, there's this idea that men should be tough, strong, and always in […]

todayMay 17, 2024 6

Opinion Pieces

Artificial Intelligence powered attacks

      By Ms. Cornelia Shipindo, Manager: Cyber Security, Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN)   As Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology advances, Namibia stands at the threshold of unprecedented opportunities to reshape industries and elevate the quality of life for its citizens. From expanding productivity in agriculture and manufacturing to revolutionising healthcare delivery and transportation systems, the potential applications of AI appear boundless. However, amidst this wave of excitement […]

todayMay 14, 2024 11

Opinion Pieces

The French identify as Europeans – and yet are also notoriously Eurosceptic

    By Pierre Bréchon, Auteurs historiques The Conversation France   In less than two months, more than 400 million people will be eligible to vote in the European elections. If the record turnout of 2019 elections is anything to go by, many will be seizing their voting rights, allowing policy-makers to take the pulse of the continent’s politics as the far right continues to spread. In the meantime, research can […]

todayMay 8, 2024 12

Business / Economics

Aspirations and reality of Namibia’s Green Hydrogen dream – Dr. Hage Geingob

      By Josef Kefas Sheehama   His Excellency Dr. Geingob's vision has been realized as Namibia has made major strides to establish itself as a major player in the world of green hydrogen production. The transformation of Namibia's economy and the realization of green hydrogen in the country were spearheaded by Dr. Geingob. Drawing on the proverb that states “Rome was not built in a day”. This serves […]

todayMay 8, 2024 9


How extreme dieting can affect bone health

Jameela Jamil shared that a scan had revealed she has poor bone density. lev radin/ Shutterstock   By Adam Taylor, Lancaster University   In a recent Instagram post, the actor Jameela Jamil revealed she has poor bone density, despite only being in her 30s. Jamil blamed this finding on 20 years of dieting – urging her followers to be aware of the harms diet culture can do to your health. Bone […]

todayMay 7, 2024 3

Opinion Pieces

South African elections: research explores how disillusioned ANC supporters might use their vote

      By Michael Braun, University of the Witwatersrand   The African National Congress (ANC) has been in power since South Africa became a democracy in 1994. The party has been electorally dominant since then, reaching a peak of 69.7% of national votes in 2004. However, support for the party has declined sharply since the 2014 national and provincial elections, reaching a low of 57.5% in 2019. Negative attitudes […]

todayMay 7, 2024 15

Business / Economics

Enhancing Digital Transformation: Innovations and Obstacles in East Africa

    By Robert van Breukelen, CEO at Itemate Solutions   The telco sector is poised to play a central role in Ethiopia’s economic and digital transformation, but should learn from other countries to avoid common pitfalls and accelerate development. In recent years, countries in the eastern and north-eastern African region have launched several exciting initiatives aimed at accelerating the adoption of digital technologies. Digital transformation in East Africa Powered […]

todayMay 2, 2024 8