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Our Team


David Bishop

David Bishop is a dedicated media professional with a strong passion for journalism. As Future Media’s Broadcast Editor he takes pride in ensuring the team delivers high-quality, trusted news.

Outside of work, David is an enthusiastic reader, devoted family man, and fitness enthusiast.

Starting as a radio DJ over 20 years ago, David honed his skills and gained valuable experience hosting various shows. He later established the Radiowave Marketing and Sponsorships department, developing a well-rounded perspective in the industry. Now, as the head of the news department at Future Media, David aims to establish it as THE MOST respected and trusted voice in the country.

Under David’s leadership, the Future Media News department has achieved remarkable success, receiving numerous prestigious awards, and constantly striving to greater heights.


Tonata Kadhila

Born in Luanda, Tonata Kadhila, also known as Toni, believes deeply in the importance of factual and unbiased news that can play a crucial role in helping the public make informed decisions.

Having started her radio career at Fresh FM, Toni spent some time producing for NBC National Radio and anchoring the news as well as ‘Good Morning Namibia’ for NBC TV.

In Toni’s eyes, radio is king, and reporting on humanity is what means the most to her. She is passionate about gathering and verifying facts as stories develop. When not working Toni enjoys the company of her young son and indulging in reality style television.


Angie Scholtz

Angie Scholtz firmly believes in the power of radio news to provide relevant and accurate information, keeping the public constantly updated. With over 13 years of reporting experience, Angie has always had a strong desire to stay informed about global events, remembering specifically the profound impact the September 11 2001 attacks on the Twin Towers had on her.

Working tirelessly to ensure that her reports are relevant, accurate, and delivered to her audience in a timely manner, when not ‘chasing stories’, Angie is the proud mom of 10 rescue dogs. Before joining the news industry, she studied in Performing Arts and even had a stint on Kyknet TV’s “Tjiff end Tjaff” children’s TV show.


Veronika Haulenga

Veronika Haulenga forms part of Future Media News’s dedicated Oshiwambo team. She strongly believes that radio plays a vital role in sharing news and educational information, especially for those who may not have access to it through other means.

With an honours degree in Community Development and Adult Education, Veronika’s passion for news and radio developed at a young age, when she used to imitate presenters whenever she was around her friends, showcasing her natural talent and enthusiasm for the field.

Family-oriented and driven by a desire to educate and keep the public informed on important issues and events, in 2020, Veronika received first prize at the ‘Merck Foundation More than a Mother’ Africa Media Recognition Awards with her report on the issue of infertility in Namibia and how the issue affects and stigmatizes individuals due to limited knowledge.


Selma Nangolo

Selma Nangolo forms part of Future Media News’s dedicated Oshiwambo team, who firmly believes that news plays a crucial role in educating people, creating awareness, and keeping them updated with things that are of importance to their lives.

After completing her Diploma in Media Studies, Selma kick-started her career at Omulunga Radio where she discovered a passion for real-life documentaries and developed a strong connection to the stories she reports on.

Selma’s love for radio news stems from its speed and the ability to reach a vast number of people, as “almost everyone owns a radio set”.


Leonard Witbeen

After being inspired by a training session presented by Robyn Tyson Leonard Witbeen knew he wanted to pursue a career in journalism. Leonard enjoys news, and specifically radio news, because it serves as a great medium for relaying information on matters of importance in a way that is easily accessible and free of charge.

Stories that directly affect his immediate community stand for Leonard, who finding relaying important news to be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience, enjoys discussing stories and societal issues with those he socializes with.

Rosina Kulaumone Ngesheya

Rosina Kulaumone Ngesheya, fills the role of standby broadcast journalist for Future Media News’s Oshiwambo news team. After school Rosina began working for an Ohangwena Community Radio Station, later deciding to further her studies and pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies and Sociology at the University of Namibia. A fan of languages of all sorts, Rosina has also studied Sign Language and Mandarin Chinese.

As someone who enjoys trying new things and learning from others, Rosina sees news as an essential tool for staying informed on current events both within Namibia and around the world. To Rosina radio is particularly valuable because it is one of the most immediate mediums used to disseminate news, allowing listeners to stay up-to-date with the latest information.

Maria Namupala

Having grown up in the small village of Uuyoka in the Onayena Constituency, Maria Namupala obtained her Advanced Diploma in Media Studies and Journalism in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.  She has also completed a short Course in Photography and Videography, obtained a Certificate in Community Media, and has over 12 years’ experience in journalism. With a passion for local or community news and current events, Maria believes that news helps people understand and come to terms with recent happenings, and that radio especially can keep listeners up to date in real time. While Maria describes herself as a shy person, she does enjoy sport, spending most of her non-working hours playing netball and reading.

Tashiya Khadila

Born in Zambia, but of Namibian descent, Tashiya Khadila is Future Media News’ Saturday news presenter. Having presented news and general entertainment on radio since 1999 and has at least half a decade of experience as a television news anchor, Tashiya holds both Undergraduate and Honours degrees in Journalism and Media Technology and is well on her way to obtaining a Masters. As someone who worries about climate change and its impact on the World, Tashiya believes that news allows people to remain up to date with current affairs, allowing them to make informed decisions, while radio news specifically provides the heartbeat of any community. When not working keeps us in the know. When not at either of her two jobs Tashiya enjoys spending time with her family.


Deon van Rensburg

Born in Cape Town a long, long time ago, Deon van Rensburg has been a Namibian since 1977, and always very much a sports fanatic, playing most sports on offer at school – even though it was mostly just to get out of studying or doing homework!

In the radio business since the early 90’s (no, that’s not a typo!), Deon has always enjoyed the sports segments in all the programs he’s been involved in. And now, as our Sports Reporter, he gets to watch and follow sport as part of his job!

In his off-time he (you guessed it!) cycles and spends as much time as affordable and legal outside, often on or next to sports fields.