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The role of regulatory investigations in the ICT industry

      As Namibia joins the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry starts to have a significant impact on the country’s economy, promoting equality of opportunity, industrial development, economic growth, and poverty eradication. The Namibian government has put laws in place to encourage the growth of ICT due to its importance to economic development. Through the Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN), the Ministry […]

todayMay 22, 2024 4


O Telecom Namibia ya tetamo uukalata wa thika 191 0000 mboka inaawu shangithwa

O Telecom Namibia omandaaha oya tetemo uukalata woongodhi mboka  inaashu shangithwa uli 191 598,okwiiyutha nelombwelo lya tulwapo kolutu kondololi lomakwathano o CRAN. Shika osha hololwa momushangwa gwiikundaneki komukuluntu gomakwatathano mo Telecom Namibia Nomvula Kambinda. Tati etokolo olya landula eitulemo lyo Telecom Namibia okwiiyutha kiipumbiwa yeshangitho lyuukalata woongodhi dhopeke,ngaashi ya tulwapo ko CRAN. Kambinda tati okuthika  mo 31st March,o TN oya dhidhilika  uukalata uli 442 410,naasho ya tetemo mboka inaau shangithwa,nena […]

todayApril 3, 2024 11

Opinion Pieces

Harnessing 5G for Entrepreneurs

The arrival of Fifth Generation (5G) technology signals a new era of connectivity set to empower entrepreneurs and businesses across Namibia. As the world transitions into greater digitalisation, 5G stands poised to radically transform how enterprises operate, innovate, and thrive. The Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN) recognises the immense potential of 5G to activate entrepreneurship and cultivate startups within the nation.1 With unmatched speeds, ultra-low latency, and expanded bandwidth, […]

todayFebruary 1, 2024 11


Eshangitho lyuukalata woongodhi itali lelepekwa-DR Audrin Mathe

Omunambelewa kuluntu guuministeli womauyelele nomakwatathano gopaungomba Dr Audrin Mathe okwa tseyitha kutya eshangitho lyuulakata woongodhi dhopeke itali lelepekwa konima yesiku lyahugunina,nonando uukalata woongodhi woo % dha konda 50 inau shangithwa.  Nokwali ta popi momutumba gwiikundaneki nena moshilandopangelo opamwe nomunambelewa kuluntu go Telecom Namibia Dr Stanely Shanapinda,ngoka ta kwathele onga omunambelewa kuluntu mo MTC Patience Kanalelo,nomunambelewa kuluntu ta kwathele mo CRAN Jairus Kapenda. Mathe tiindiile oshigwana shi longithe ethimbo ndyoka lya […]

todayDecember 15, 2023 5 8


Ministry officials inspect SIM card registration points in Windhoek

Executive Director of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, Dr Audrin Mathe, and representatives from the Communication Regulatory Authority today visited SIM card registration points at Black Chain Mall in Katutura and Telecom Namibia’s mobile shop in the central business district in Windhoek. Here is the Ministry's spokesperson, Shoki Kandjimi.

todayDecember 13, 2023 15


24 days to deadline for mandatory SIM card registration!

The Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN) herewith informs all stakeholders that the deadline for mandatory SIM card registration is on 31 December 2023. Furthermore, SIM card registration is a national initiative aimed at facilitating the investigation of crimes committed with the aid of telecommunications devices and enhancing e-commerce activities and online trading. Moreover, there are also benefits and use cases that are directly facilitated by the registration of digital […]

todayDecember 7, 2023 14


5G and Health Concerns

By Kristof Itana, Manager: Technology and Standards, CRAN The next generation of wireless communication networks and services is in our midst. New figures from Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA) Intelligence shows that the journey of commercial deployment of the fifth generation of wireless broadband, known as Fifth Generation (5G) wireless technology has already begun in the sub-Sahara Africa with South Africa being the first country in the region […]

todayDecember 7, 2023 23