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Omuprsident wa Kenya William Ruto aka ta lelapo pambelewa ko USA.

Omu president wa Kenya William Ruto opamwe na nekulu laye Rachel Ruto ova fika mo Atlanta, Georgia, USA onghela me talelepo lavo lo pambelewa. Omupresident okwa ta lelapo oshitopolwa sha   Atlanta, osho shi li oshi topolwa she shakeno  lopa unadipolomate pamwe no shilongo United States. OmuPresident Ruto mo shipopiwa shaye okwa denga omufindo ko mbinga yo ngushu yo udemocry noma pangelo. Pefimbo le shakeno lavo,  oo eli hamushanga wa […]

todayMay 21, 2024 3


Japan and US to build missile interceptors

Japan and the US are building interceptors for hypersonic missiles under a new contract. The deal, signed on Wednesday, follows an agreement between the countries to work together against the threat of hypersonic missiles at a Camp David summit in August. Reporting for us is Chris Gilbert from Tokyo.  

todayMay 16, 2024 14


South Korea says ties with U.S will remain strong

South Korea’s envoy to the U.S says ties between the two countries will remain ‘incessantly’ strong regardless of who is in the White House. Ambassador Cho Hyun-dong made the remarks in Washington amid speculation of a significant foreign policy shift if Donald Trump wins November’s presidential elections. Chris Gilbert reports.  

todayMay 15, 2024 17


U.S holds up arms to Israel amid hopes of ceasefire

The United States is holding up arms shipments to Israel, a move — officials claim — is intended to send a political message to its Middle East ally. The decision was initially reported over the weekend, and marks the first time the US has delayed a potential weapons sale to Israel since Hamas attacked the country seven months ago. With the details, Benji Hyer.  

todayMay 8, 2024 7


TikTok sues over potential U.S ban

TikTok and its Chinese parent company ByteDance have sued the US government over a new law that could potentially see the platform banned nationwide within a year…unless it's sold to a non-Chinese company. When passing the law last month, US lawmakers expressed fear that the Chinese government could force TikTok to turn over user data … or to manipulate algorithms to influence public opinion.  

todayMay 8, 2024 14


Hamas agrees to a Gaza ceasefire proposal

The United States and Israel say they are "reviewing" and "discussing" their respective responses to news that Hamas has approved a ceasefire for Gaza. Hamas has agreed to a deal, put forward by Qatari and Egyptian mediators — but its contents are not fully known, and Israel is yet to officially accept the terms. This breakthrough comes at a pivotal time, just as Israel prepares for a full-scale incursion in […]

todayMay 7, 2024 16


The Biden Administration is launching a series of high-profile interventions to tackle the issue of increased antisemitism in the United States.

The Biden Administration is launching a series of high-profile interventions to tackle the issue of increased antisemitism in the United States. Vice-President Kamala Harris's husband — Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff — hosted Jewish students from half a dozen universities at the White House on Monday to coincide with Yom HaShoah, Israel's day of commemoration for the six million Jews killed in the Holocaust. President Joe Biden is also delivering a […]

todayMay 7, 2024 14


Houthi rebel group offers places at Yemeni universities for suspended U.S students

The Iran-backed Houthi militia, labeled a terrorist organization by the U.S., is offering educational opportunities in Yemen to American students suspended from colleges for participating in anti-Israel protests. This move comes after protests and Gaza solidarity encampments erupted at major U.S. schools, leading to over 1000 arrests. Benji Hyer reports on this development amid global tensions.  

todayMay 6, 2024 3


U.S stops arms shipment for Israel

Amid the Gaza conflict, the United States has stopped a shipment of US-made ammunition bound for Israel, a first since the war began. This move, from Israel's major financial and arms supporter, has raised concerns within both governments. While the White House National Security Council affirms continued support for Israel's defense, the halt signals a notable shift in US-Israel relations during the conflict- as Benji Hyer reports.  

todayMay 6, 2024 4