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Western Cape

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South Africa

Cape Town Activates Disaster Team Amid Devastating Floods As Thousands Are Now Homeless

The City of Cape Town says its multi-disciplinary disaster coordinating team remains activated until the worst of the weather, and the impacts, have been addressed. More than four-thousand people have been left homeless and about one-thousand homes have been destroyed, following heavy rains caused flooding over the weekend. Mayoral committee member for Safety and Security, JP Smith, says they will continue to conduct assessments to determine the nature and extent […]

todayJuly 8, 2024 9

South Africa

Fatal Explosion at Quantum Foods’ Malmesbury Feed Mill In Western Cape

Quantum Foods' Malmesbury feed mill in the Western Cape has reported a fatal explosion on its premises, resulting in one death and serious injuries to two others. The cause of the explosion remains unknown, prompting an independent investigation. The company asserts that all safety protocols were followed and emergency equipment was successfully activated. Quantum Foods has committed to providing support to the affected families.  

todayJune 12, 2024 14


‘Cape of Storms’ – climate researchers explain Cape Town’s recent extreme weather

      By Sabina Abba Omar, University of Cape Town and Stefaan Conradie, University of Cape Town     A severe storm hit South Africa’s Western Cape province between 6 and 9 April 2024, with extreme winds gusting at up to 135km/h. The storm left a trail of destruction across Cape Town and surrounding areas – at least 1,500 people were left homeless after the high winds fanned fires […]

todayJune 3, 2024 13


The ANC remains in the lead nationally at 41.92-percent

With just over 57-percent of the votes counted, the ANC remains in the lead nationally at 41.92-percent. The DA is currently second at 23.34-percent and the MK Party at 11.31-percent. In Gauteng, the ANC leads with 33.57-percent followed by the DA at 29.31-percent and the EFF at 12.55-percent. In the hotly contested KwaZulu-Natal, MK is at 43.95-percent, the ANC second with 18.98-percent and the IFP at 15.42-percent. In the Western […]

todayMay 31, 2024 15


Iilonga yehupitho sha landula etungo ndyoka lya mbonyoka moshilando George mo South Africa oyeya pehulilo nena

South Africa nena okwa hulithapo oonkambadhala dhehupitho ketungo ndyoka lya mbyonyoka moshilando George. Aantu 33 oya hulitha sho etungo lili metifa lyoku tungwa lyomala gatano ga londathana lya mbyonyoka moshilando George mu 06 May. Aantu yalwe 29 oya nanwamo nomwenyo pethimbo lyiilonga yolukongo nehupitho ,mbyoka ya kwata oowili 260. Alane Winde,Mayor gwa Western Cape okwati ndika olyali ethimmbo edhigu kuyo,nongaashingeyi otaa tala komakonakono. Omalelo,shiikwatelela ko AFP ogati shiikwatelela kuuyelele wazi […]

todayMay 18, 2024 10

South Africa

Investigation into George Building Collapse Expected to Last Minimum of 12 Months

V3 Consulting Engineers, an independent firm of structural engineers, has been tasked with investigating the building collapse in South Africa's Western Cape province. The preliminary timeline for the investigation is set at a minimum of 12 months. The collapse has resulted in the tragic loss of 33 workers, with 19 still missing. Premier Alan Winde emphasized the need to comprehend the events leading to the collapse and to implement measures […]

todayMay 16, 2024 8

South Africa

18 Victims Identified in George Building Collapse Tragedy With19 Still Unaccounted for

The S.A Victim Identification Centre and Forensic Pathology Service in George in the Western Cape, has completed the identification of 18 of the 33 deceased from last week’s building collapse. Nineteen construction workers are still unaccounted for. The George Municipality’s spokesperson, Chantel Edwards-Klose, says the 18 consists of seven from South Africa, five from Malawi, three from Zimbabwe two from Mozambique, and one from Lesotho:  

todayMay 15, 2024 18


Omalelo mo Western Cape onkee gena omukumo okwiitsa ooluhupe metungo ndyoka lya mbonyoka moshilando George

Mayor gwa Western Cape mo South Africa okwati ita teka omukumo oku nanamo ooluhupe oyendji miinyakwi yetungo lyomala gatano ga londathana ndyoka lya mbonyoka moshilando George omasiku ga 8 ga piti. Alane Winde okwati iilonga yehupitho otayi tsikile pela nela oku kwashilipaleka egameno lyakehe gumwe ena omwenyo. Aantu ya thika 20 onkee yaaha wetike. Aantu 32 oya hulitha. Shiikwatelela ko BBC,kapena omuntu a hupithwa okuza molyomakaya ,ashike Winde okwati okushi […]

todayMay 14, 2024 8 2

South Africa

Search Continues for Owners of Construction Company After George Building Collapse Tragedy

Western Cape Department of Employment and Labour chief inspector, David Esau revealed that the whereabouts of the owners of the construction company responsible for the collapsed building in George remain unknown. The incident, which occurred on Monday, resulted in eight fatalities and numerous injuries. Esau stated that despite failed attempts to contact the company owner, investigations into the matter persist, with assurances provided to affected families.

todayMay 10, 2024 9