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INTERVIEW: The Need for Strategic Collaboration: McHenry Venaani on One Candidate Opposing Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwa

todayFebruary 1, 2024 9

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February 1, 2024/Leonard Witbeen

In a recent statement, McHenry Venaani , the President of the Popular Democratic Movement, expressed his views on the proposition of a single candidate opposing SWAPO’s Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwain the upcoming political landscape. Venaani emphasized the importance of strategic collaboration and the need for a comprehensive coalition formula to make such a proposition a reality.

The central idea of supporting a single candidate is sound, according to Venaani, however, he underscores the necessity of establishing transparent and inclusive processes to arrive at this decision. In the realm of politics, merely agreeing on a candidate without discussing a coalition formula and the subsequent governance structure is deemed impractical.

“Politics doesn’t work like that,” Venaani stated articulated. “You can’t say let me give you my 10% for you to win, but if I give you my 10%, what am I going to be in that configuration?”

Taking a critical stance on the approach of certain political parties, Venaani highlighted the decision-making process of Mr. Mudge’s party, which declared its support for Itula without engaging in substantial discussions. He questioned the efficacy of such decisions, particularly when some parties seem to make critical choices without thorough deliberations.

However, the PDM president clarified that his party, the Popular Democratic Movement, cannot follow a similar trajectory. Instead, he advocates for a more collaborative and inclusive approach to politics, one that involves extensive talks and negotiations among different parties. He stressed the importance of discussing key elements such as the allocation of roles, determination of the Prime Minister, Vice President, and other ministerial positions, as well as the size of the government.

“If you want parties to work together to arrive at a single candidate, we will support that, but we will have to agree to talk about a coalition formula,” Venaani explained. “All those things must be discussed in talks.”

He firmly rejected the notion of begging parties to join the conversation, emphasizing the need for political bravura and experience in navigating the complexities of coalition politics. Venaani highlighted the importance of foresight and experience in ensuring a successful collaboration that aligns with the interests of all involved parties.

In conclusion, Venaani ‘s statement underscores the significance of a well-structured coalition formula and the need for open and transparent discussions to achieve unity among political parties. As the political landscape evolves, strategic collaboration remains a key factor in shaping a cohesive and effective government.

Written by: Leonard Witbeen

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