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Kaeso Talks Balancing Operational Excellence with Decarbonization Ahead of African Energy Week (AEW) 2024

todayJune 7, 2024 4

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Global oil demand is projected to grow 10% by 2028 and 16% by 2045. For African service providers, this presents an opportunity to support operational excellence across oil and gas projects while promoting low-carbon solutions. Africa’s premier event – African Energy Week (AEW): Invest in African Energy – spoke with Jorge de Morais, General Manager of Angolan-based oilfield services company Kaeso Energy Services, one of Angola’s leading oilfield services’ companies, about its innovative approach to oilfield services.

AEW: Invest in African Energy is the platform of choice for project operators, financiers, technology providers and government, and has emerged as the official place to sign deals in African energy. Visit for more information about this exciting event.

How does Kaeso’s experience and innovative approach to oilfield services differentiate the company from others in the industry?

At Kaeso, our leadership team’s combined experience of many decades significantly differentiates us within the oilfield services sector. This deep-rooted expertise informs our strategic approach, which is anchored in five foundational pillars: leveraging local workforce, introducing strong value-added niche products, maintaining robust infrastructure, ensuring competitive pricing and upholding a robust foundation of ethics, safety, quality and trust.

How does Kaeso’s approach to asset management help clients realize value through sustainability and digitalization? How does the company balance operational excellence with decarbonization?

Our partnership with Global Gravity to offer Tubelock technology revolutionizes tubular handling, minimizing physical damage and reducing the associated carbon emissions from transportation and handling. Kaeso Equipment Management System utilizes cutting-edge digital tools to optimize equipment usage and maintenance schedules. Our Metal Structure Repair and Construction services focus on extending the life of metal structures, which is crucial for minimizing environmental impact.

Balancing operational excellence with decarbonization is at the forefront of our business model. We employ a strategic mix of technology and traditional methods to ensure that our operations are not only efficient but also progressively less carbon-intensive.

Does the company have plans to expand its service offerings regionally? What markets stand out as being strategic for Kaeso’s long-term vision?

Expanding our service offerings regionally is a key part of our strategic vision at Kaeso. The positive results from our initial implementation of operations in Namibia have instilled confidence in our ability to replicate this success in other countries as well. Our goal is to enter regions where we can deliver significant value to our clients and make a positive impact on the local communities. Our expansion strategy is guided by thorough market research and client feedback. We prioritize regions where we can leverage our existing expertise while also contributing to local development.

In what ways does Kaeso’s consulting expertise add value to specific projects in the oilfield sector, and what criteria does the company use to match talents with company’s needs?

At Kaeso, our consulting expertise is strategically focused on filling gaps in the market, particularly where there’s a scarcity of local skill sets. A prime example of this is our involvement in a significant project centered on lifting training within the industry. We identified a clear void in market offerings and responded with tailored training modules that elevated the skill levels and safety standards of the workforce.

When it comes to matching talents with our company’s needs, we employ a rigorous criteria based on expertise, cultural fit, and a demonstrated passion for advancing safety and quality standards, particularly in areas like Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment and data analysis.

Please provide insight into Kaeso’s partnership with TUBOSTRANS for the Wellbore Clean Out Alliance. What other partnerships or contracts are in the pipeline?

This collaboration not only enhances our service offerings but also strengthens the local economy by leveraging local expertise and resources. It allows us to deliver services with a greater understanding of the local context, ensuring that our solutions are not only effective but also culturally and environmentally appropriate.

We have several exciting partnerships and contracts in the pipeline that highlight the value of local-based service providers. These collaborations are pivotal as they allow us to tap into local innovations and specialties, which are crucial for the industry’s growth. While we currently rely on foreign technology to deploy our services, our goal is to continue to foster and invest in local capabilities.

How will platforms such as AEW: Invest in African Energy support the company’s regional aspirations?

Platforms like AEW align perfectly with Kaeso’s regional aspirations, mainly due to the convergence of our objectives and values with those of the event. AEW is a prominent forum that emphasizes innovation, sustainable practices, and the development of local capacities within the energy sector across the continent.

Participating in such a platform allows us to showcase our capabilities, network with industry leaders, and forge partnerships that are crucial for our expansion plans. It also provides a vital opportunity to exchange ideas on best practices and emerging trends, helping us to stay at the forefront of technological and operational advancements.

What does the company hope to gain from this year’s event in terms of connections, deals and industry partnerships?

We see this event as a pivotal platform to initiate meaningful conversations that could lead to fruitful collaborations and deals. By showcasing our innovative solutions and demonstrating our commitment to sustainability and local development, we hope to attract partners who share our vision and values.

Additionally, connecting with potential hiring candidates will help us tap into local talent, enriching our team with individuals who can drive our regional operations forward. Engaging with investors at the event is also critical, as their support can accelerate our expansion plans and enhance our capability to deliver high-value projects across the region. Overall, our participation in this year’s event is expected to be a cornerstone for future growth, helping us to establish new partnerships and expand our industry footprint effectively.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of African Energy Chamber.



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